• So Lugdunum - jacquard woven scarf collection - fall winter 2017 2018
  • So Lugdunum - scarves collection of woven silk and wool -
  • Very large woven scarf, in silk and cotton - fetes des lumieres - Crédits : Charles-Edouard Gil / Musée des Confluences Lyon (FR Coop Himmelb(l)au.
  • PLIVOLANT, helmets and fineries in pleated silk twill
  • PLIVOLANT, fineries and collard in pleated silk twill
  • silk twill tunic
  • Silk twill dress
  • PLISSENPLI - silk twill scarf -

Silks, fineries and textile objects, handcrafted, unique pieces, small series and custom made.

Silk workshop in Lyon.
Contemporary craft design and creation of clothing and fashion accessories.

SO PLICATURE is the collection of pleated silks, inspired by Shibori techniques.
Pleats are built with a yarn and a needle, tied and dyed.
SO TEINT is the collection of tied and dyed accessories.
SO BASIQUE is the collection of plain silk scarves and squares.
Production is made in our workshop in Lyon from white or raw silk.
Each item is unique.

SO LUGDUNUM is a collection of woven scarves and silk squares designed with exclusive patterns, for small productions.