• PLIS, exhibition at Galerie Collection d'Ateliers d'Art de France.
  • Capsule edition - fete des lumieres
  • Silk organza dress SOPHIE GUYOT in THE DAPIFER
  • Sophie Guyot invites MES ILLUSTRATIONS TACTILES by CINDY LARRAT, wool felt design & poetic objects.
  • So Lugdunum - scarves collection of woven silk and wool - fall winter 2016 2017
  • Squares and scarves silk twill by celine Dominiak, made in France.
  • Pleated silk scarf, Plicatwill. Made in Lyon
  • scarves, wraps, squares and extra ordinary ornaments crafted in a silk shop in Lyon
  • Silk organza dress, craftly made in Lyon
  • scarves, wraps and accessories for man
  • silk scarf plicatwill craftly made in lyon
  • Silk scarfs croix-paquet so lugdunum collection by sophie guyot
  • silk dresses and extra ordinary outfits made on demand
  • jewelery and silk accessories manufactured in a workshop in Lyon
  • Worsted scarves hand woven by Brigitte Leclercq

Silks, fineries and textile objects, handcrafted, unique pieces, small series and custom made.

Silk workshop in Lyon. Contemporary craft design and creation of clothing and fashion accessories. Silk scarves and other items form two complementary lines: SO PLICATURE is the exclusive line of designer. This is a traditional and timeless collection that varies with the seasons thanks to materials and colors. Unique pieces. The work of transformation, including needle pleating and dyeing, is entirely made by our team, in Lyon, from white or raw silk. SO LUGDUNUM is the second line, designed and developed by the designer. Small series of jacquard weaving and printed scarves and stoles.