• sophie guyot silks opening hours and appointment
  • Buy online woven silk scarves cotton and silk wool for men and women made in Lyon
  • SOPHIE GUYOT SOIERIES, PLICATWILL, scarves, pleated silks
  • Pleated silk dress with 4 changing colors. Inspired by a Shibori skill.
  • woven scarves in silk coton en silk wool for ladies end gents
  • Maxi pleated scarf in silk twill for sale online on the French Craft Market Place Empreintes Paris

Silks, fineries and textile objects, handcrafted, unique pieces, small series and custom made.

Art & Craft Silk workshop in Lyon.
Contemporary craft design of silks, clothing and fashion accessories : pleated silk,  silk scarves, silk squares and other objects and accessories in silk and silk blend.