• sophie guyot silks opening hours and appointment
  • woven scarves in silk coton en silk wool for ladies end gents
  • Find our collections of accessories and over-dresses in pleated silk organza in LA NEF Montpellier France
  • Maxi pleated scarf in silk twill for sale online on the French Craft Market Place Empreintes Paris
  • Buy online woven silk scarves cotton and silk wool for men and women made in Lyon
  • Pleated silk dress with 4 changing colors. Inspired by a Shibori skill.
  • SOPHIE GUYOT SOIERIES, PLICATWILL, scarves, pleated silks

Silks, fineries and textile objects, handcrafted, unique pieces, small series and custom made.

Art & Craft Silk workshop in Lyon.
Contemporary craft design of silks, clothing and fashion accessories : pleated silk,  silk scarves, silk squares and other objects and accessories in silk and silk blend.