Long scarf in silk chiffon 'ITAJIMOUSSE" Maximize

SO TEINT, Itajimousse, long scarf in silk chiffon with patterns

Long & light scarf chiffon for women. Geometric patterns depending on the model. This accessory made ​​from a silk chiffon was dyed using a Japanese technique known as itajime . Made in the workshop in Lyon, France

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This long scarf can be worn in multiple ways depending on the mood of the moment: let it hang on shoulders, put on the neck and make a simple knot; rolled; Fold in half and pass through hole.

Delicate cleaning by hand or machine at 30 ° C.
Soft iron.

  • Skills and techniques : Itajime and dye
  • Number of baths : 1 bath
  • Material : silk chiffon
  • Length : 200 cm before dyeing
  • Width : 70 cm before dyeing
  • Weight : 30 gr
  • Pleating : No
  • Dimension : Maxi
  • Gender : Woman